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Connect Placerville

Own Your Internet

Community Owned Fiber Optic Infrastructure

Connect Placerville Explained in 3 Minutes

Demo video showing how a customer on an Automated Open Access network can automatically select and switch their ISP service provider.

Guiding Principles , Objectives, and Goals


Placerville City Leaders are exploring the feasibility of deploying community owned fiber optic infrastructure through the city.  We are now at a point in the process where we need to know whether this is something the residents of Placerville would be interested in and would support.  If this initiative goes forward, the project would be developed with the following principles and objectives:

1.   Nobody will be forced to participate. Participation would be on a voluntary, opt-in basis.

2.   Taxes would not be increased to fund the network.

3.   The ongoing operation of the network would be self-sustaining and not dependent on any kind of subsidy

       from the City.


Primary goals for this infrastructure initiative include the following:

>   Significantly increase the speed and reliability of internet access.

>   Lower the cost of internet access for both residents and businesses.

>   Increase competition giving residents and businesses multiple choices of new Internet Service Providers.

      (4 – 5 new options).

>   Build a state-of-the-art network that will improve economic development and foster innovation.

>   Leverage the network to improve the services provided in the city including public safety, transportation, 

      healthcare, education, emergency communications, transactive energy (smart grid) and new services that

      will become possible with advanced network infrastructure.

Placerville Economic Advisory Committee

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